Cinema Hire

We’ve enjoyed great success for nearly 5 years operating the Vintage Mobile Cinema and have taken part in events all over the UK, filmed various TV shows, and even had the pleasure of the odd foray overseas. We juggle running the cinema with raising a young family, and at the moment we’ve decided that the best way we can manage this is to only undertake block bookings or tours, rather than one-off events. However, please do still drop us a line and hopefully we can make your event one of the lucky ones.

We can screen any film of your choosing in the cinema and even help to curate a programme that suits your needs if requested. We have a great deal of experience of running events, from film festivals and community arts events, right through to corporate promotional tours, so whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to help.

Cinema hire prices start at £700 for a single day which includes 2 members of staff to operate the cinema. We offer discount packages for multiple day hires.

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