To Beacon or Not To Beacon

That is the question that cropped up yesterday evening whilst driving home from an event in London.

Audrey and I had circumnavigated London via the M11 and the M25 and were in the final straight on the A41 near Waddesden. Throughout the journey, we had our beacon light flashing away at the back. It was dark and there was heavy rain around.

A police bike had been following for a short distance. It turned on its blues and twos and asked me to pull over at the next layby.

The police rider enquired whether I should have a beacon light at the back given the 40-50 mph that the cinema was doing.

I explained how unique the vehicle was and that occasionally her speed was significantly slower when on hills so having a beacon was essential, particularly at night.

He was less than convinced. A deluge of rain then fell which ended our discussion. I explained to him that the dome was a little leaky.

The discussion was entirely friendly but it has got me thinking. Do you have any knowledge on the subject of beacon lights on vehicles? What do you think? Please let me know by filling in the contact form.