Saturday 25th – Tring Carnival (1-day)


Saturday 2nd – Peterborough (2-days) – Website
Thursday 7th – Richmond, London (1-day) – Website
Friday 15th – Tolpuddle Festival (3-days) – Website
Friday 29th – Cloudspotting Festival, Clitheroe (3-days) – Website


1st – 30th – Edinburgh Festival (Whole month on George Street – Venue 155)


Sat 3rd – Brown Bread Film Society in Sussex
Friday 9th – Great Yarmouth Private Booking (1-day)
Saturday 10th – Great Yarmouth Marine Festival (2-days) – Website
Saturday 17th – Private Booking (1-day)
Sunday 18th – Private Booking (1-day)


Saturday 1st – Vintage Car Boot Sale (2-days)
Saturday 22nd – Private Booking in Liverpool (4-days) – PENCIL
Wednesday 26th – The Union World Conference on Lung Health (4-days) – Website PENCIL


Friday 27th – Transition Town Totnes Festival Film (3-days) – Website


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