Flatpack Festival – Birmingham Archive Films

The Media Archive for Central England has a 70,000 film strong collection holed up in their vaults. The fabulous people of Flatpack Festival, true to form, mined this dizzying collection of films to come up with a brilliant programme of archive material. Author Catherine O’Flynn gave an introduction to Breathing Space, with a unique insight into the 1960s Birmingham sculpture  ‘Youth, cast in concrete’ – somewhat different from the no-doubt idealistic vision of the concrete happy architects of the time. Other films focussed on areas like Handsworth and the famous Bullring, and audience members were moved by catching sight of people and homes that they had once known – some of whom are now gone forever.

Meanwhile, Flatpack screened a frankly inspired collection of films at other locations throughout Birmingham – if you’ve never been to this unique film festival, we heartily recommend that you get up there in 2012.

Screened on tour with Flatpack Festival, various Birmingham locations – March 2011