Night / Day

Night/Day is a short film that was commissioned through the UK Film Council’s ‘Digital Shorts’ scheme and co-produced by Somerset Film and South West Screen. It is a moving short drama was filmed on location in Somerset with a local cast and crew, and yet again demonstrates how much talent that the South West film industry is harbouring.

Set in 1979, this film is about David, a ten year-old boy who fears he is losing his mother’s affection. He struggles with the day-to-day impact his bedwetting has on his life and uses the opportunity to sing in his school concert to win her love back.

In 12 short minutes, this film really does draw you into David’s life – it’s a heartwarming and cleverly presented tale, and Jack Osmond, who plays David, is a strong and convincing actor – one to watch in the future!

See the Night / Day website for more details – we very much hope to screen this film again soon.

SCREENED AT: The Aeon Festival, August 2010