Out of A Forest

Out of a Forest

This extraordinary short is a student film from the Animation Workshop, directed by Tobias Gundorff Boesen. A young rabbit gets invited to a late night dinner party in a forest. With lamps and chandeliers in the trees, the moon in the starry sky, and his elders around him sipping wine and telling stories, it all seems too good to be true… And maybe it is. A forest at night holds many things.

‘Out Of A Forest’ is a stop motion film shot partly on location in the forests around Viborg, Denmark, at night. Inspired by Victorian literature and set to the music of New York band ‘The National’, ‘Out Of A Forest’ is a experimental and poetic journey through places we all know, but have never been.

Check out the talented folks of the Animation Workshop and some of their work here.

Screened at: Ramsgate Summer Squall 2011