Vicki Psarias is someone that we suspect is going to go far – she is already a multi-award winning filmmaker, winning plaudits for her short films Rifts and Broken which have screened at international film festivals from Dinard to LA.

Rifts is her MA graduation film, and helped garner her The Channel 4 4Talent Award for Best Filmmaker in 2007 where she was heralded as a ‘future creative hero’. The film has screened at film festivals internationally, picking up Best Film and Best Screenplay awards along the way. A feature screenplay based on the short film and Vicki’s idea is now being written by screenwriter Phil Hughes and produced by Lee Brazier.

The short film follows two warring kebab shop owners, and in the microcosm of an urban British street, it cleverly mirrors much bigger global issues and culture clashes. We certainly can see why the film has been chosen to be developed into a feature length film, and we are looking forward to seeing it!

See Vicki’s website for details of this and all her films.

SCREENED AT: The Aeon Festival, August 2010