Where’s the Party To?

A cracking short documentary which explores the past, present & future of the legendary music scene in Bristol. With interviews and footage from such Bristol household names as DJ Derek, Pinch, Deli G, Queen Bee, Clipz, Scott Hendy, Parker, Amo, John Stapleton, MC Kelz and many many more. If you are interested in the world-famous music scene in Bristol, this is a great look at the people who actually make things happen! The film focuses on the underground scene rather than the most famous acts who have come out of Bristol. In this way, it shows how this city has evolved to become a key part of the UK music scene, and how it continues to lead the way.

See the Shooting People website to have a look at the film, or the Chemical Records website to buy the film.

SCREENED AT: The Aeon Festival, August 2010