Cisco Systems

Generally any corporate bookings come in a small handful of different guises. Whether to entertain staff, existing clients or targeting new customers. Cisco was very much the former.We were booked and drove down to their company office near Heathrow. After deciding where we should park, we set up and prepared for a 2pm screening of “Independence Day:¬†Resurgence” to a team of Cisco developers. It was not a film I’d seen before but it was their perfect choice and I had then sorted the necessary licensing.

Prior to the film starting, I did my usual usherette impression and dispensed Pop Corn to all the staff. Then gave a brief history of the unique cinema to them all before starting the film.

Whilst the film is playing I have a chance to do some admin in the cab as well as briefly popping into the Cisco Systems Reception to help myself to their fantastic coffee bar.

Afterwards, the cinema was packed away and I was driving Audrey back up the M40 by 5pm. A very pleasurable day was had in beautiful sunshine.