The Historic Double 12 at Brooklands

Brooklands holds a special place in the hearts of all motoring enthusiasts. It’s the place where all motor racing started. The famous banked corners, the wonderful club house, museum and the various huts and workshops simply exude history. And there is no more historic an event than the famous Double 12. The annual weekend of racing that goes back to very origins of racing itself.Audrey was invited to the 2016 Double 12 and we were able to curate the most wonderful selection of film archive material from the same event in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

We spent 2-days at Brooklands on this warm June weekend and had a thoroughly enjoyable time meeting a vast number of fascinating people. We were positioned between the club house and the hill climb, which could not have been a more central location.

We recieved so many lovely comments from Brooklands Members, a number of whom came down specially when they heard the Vintage Mobile Cinema was going to be there.

One of the highights of the day was to see the Napier Railton – the famous car that will forever hold the lapspeed record for the Brooklands track (See picture below). Audrey is challanging the Railton to a drag race! Unfortunately the Railton would not start on this occasion, so Audrey would have won!!

Brooklands 4As I packed away on Sunday, I took the time to drive round the site and snapped a few more photo’s of Audrey with some other historic features. The most impressive of these was this picture of her next to Concorde. Certainly one for the scrap book! This picture is noteable because both the Concorde and the Vintage Mobile Cinema were created as part of Harold Wilson’s White Heat of Technology.

Brooklands 5

All in all we had a lovely weekend. Thank you very much for having us!

Brooklands 3Brooklands 2