“20th century life on film”

In the spring of 2012 we undertook the exciting adventure of filming a 20 part television series with BBC2 and Melvyn Bragg. The location driven shoot saw us travel the length and breadth of Britain with a full TV crew and not a great deal of rest! We love a challenge here at the V.M.C. and this was no small undertaking for such a large historic vehicle but we took the whole affair in our stride and we’re now incredible proud of the legacy this show has left the Vintage Mobile Cinema, the BBC and the archive film worlds with.

The two stars of the show

The two stars of the show

Thanks in no small part to Melvyn Bragg the series first went to air in September 2012 with the first episode generating over 2 million viewers. With much of the footage coming from the BFI the show could hardly fail to engage as it explored life in 20th century Britain using fascinating films preserved by the BFI National Archive and other public film archives around the UK.

The programme is a social history documentary, charting the course of the twentieth century through archive film, plus interviews and recollections of key events that have taken place in the last one-hundred years, since the advent of moving film.