Bill Swindell – his son’s memory

Thank you to Paul Swindell, who got in touch to tell us about his father’s role working with the Mobile Cinemas around 1968 to 1972. He also provided this rather fantastic photo of this father (pictured right) in the trailer…

My dad (Bill Swindell) worked for PERA from roughly 1968/1969, up to PERA’s demise in 1972. We lived in Stalybridge in Cheshire and he would drive over to Melton Mowbray every Monday morning. He and the driver/projectionist would take the cinema and trailer outfit around various factories, where my dad demonstrated up to date manufacturing techniques to the staff. My dad would then drive back home to Cheshire on the Friday.  I have vivid memories of accompanying him for the day on one or two of these visits. I guess it must have been to a local company and in the school holidays – I’m sure a visit to a Little Chef for pancakes took place!  Bill always said it was the best job he ever had and was quite bitter when he was made redundant following the withdrawal of finance for the service by the government of the day. The picture taken in the trailer has Bill Swindell on the right.

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