Vintage Mobile Cinema signs Licence with Pathe Archive

A match made in Heaven! We have signed a licence with British Path√© which means we can not only attend lots of lovely events across the country, but now we can be a content provider as well. We have full access to footage going back to the early 1890’s, footage relevant to historical events and regional locations around the world. … Read More

The Vintage Mobile Cinema has moved

Audrey moved to her new home on Friday (29th June) on probably the wettest day of the year! We left a damp Wiltshire and faced a torrential down pour before the weather significantly improved as we passed Oxford. However there were massive tail backs on the M40 that affected our speed towards the end. She is now housed in a … Read More

The search is on…

As the dust settles and our beautiful vehicle starts its life with a new owner, one of the first jobs to consider is who are the best people to removate the wonderful trailer. If you have any experience or knowledge that could really help us. Please give us a shout via the contact us form.