To Beacon or Not To Beacon

That is the question that cropped up yesterday evening whilst driving home from an event in London. Audrey and I had circumnavigated London via the M11 and the M25 and were in the final straight on the A41 near Waddesden. Throughout the journey, we had our beacon light flashing away at the back. It was dark and there was heavy … Read More

Farewell to the Trailer

Today we bid farewell to the trailer, or should we say au revoir. The trailer is heading off for the simplest of starters to the long haul that will be its restoration. To start with all the old paint and all the rust is being sandblasted off. The resulting work will give us a more accurate idea of the scope … Read More

Running Repairs

This week, Audrey is having a few well needed repairs done before she has her first significant booking of the year this weekend. Today she visits Avery Garage for general bodywork and fiddly things including the fitting of a battery trickle charge device. Tomorrow she is at Ward Jones in Cryers Hill for a service including a new hose or … Read More

The Historic Double 12 at Brooklands

Brooklands holds a special place in the hearts of all motoring enthusiasts. It’s the place where all motor racing started. The famous banked corners, the wonderful club house, museum and the various huts and workshops simply exude history. And there is no more historic an event than the famous Double 12. The annual weekend of racing that goes back to … Read More

Getting Home

When Audrey, the Vintage Mobile Cinema returns back to her home at Bicester Heritage, we’re never quite sure who we’ll end up parking next to. Over the last few months it’s been anything from a rather lovely Green Goddess, as well as the usual Red and White Bristol Bus called Ruby. We’ve even had a tank aiming her barrel at … Read More

Bill Swindell – his son’s memory

Thank you to Paul Swindell, who got in touch to tell us about his father’s role working with the Mobile Cinemas around 1968 to 1972. He also provided this rather fantastic photo of this father (pictured right) in the trailer… My dad (Bill Swindell) worked for PERA from roughly 1968/1969, up to PERA’s demise in 1972. We lived in Stalybridge … Read More


From time to time, I receive the most lovely emails from individuals who have some kind of memory of the Vintage Mobile Cinema’s in the past. In a time when perhaps it would be more relevant to call them just Mobile Cinemas. The following such memory came from Gareth Lewis…

Our exciting early Summer 2016 catch up

It’s been the first full summer season with “Audrey” under new ownership and what a wonderful time we have had. Can we start with a massive thank you to everyone who booked us for all your lovely events but also thank you to the 1000’s of people who came on board for shows. We have literally travelled the length and … Read More

Crowd Funding Campaign

In 2017 we will be running a crowd funding campaign. The objective will be to raise enough funds to restore the trailer. As part of the campaign we will be laying on a series of packaged prizes / gifts in exchange for donations received. A key part of this will be the limited edition series of pin badges that will … Read More

Edinburgh Festival bound

The Vintage Mobile Cinema makes its debut appearance in Edinburgh. She’ll be a fixture on George Street throughout August where she’ll be playing Free Fringe short films and also working as a comedy venue. Come enjoy the surround sound and HD experience on this unique slice of cinematic and automotive history. Visit the Edinburgh page for more details – Click … Read More